The Many Perks Of Buying A Manufactured Home

Purchasing a home is a huge investment, and not all Americans can afford to buy one. With the new development of manufactured homes, the American dream is becoming a reality for more people. These structures are built differently than traditional homes and are being made indoors using a factory style environment. There are many benefits to buying a manufactured home:

More Affordable

The average single family home purchased in the United States has an average cost of $272,200, while a manufactured home of equal quality typically runs approximately $62,600. Based on these numbers alone, it's easy to see why they're quickly becoming a popular choice for home buyers. They have especially become popular with middle class families.

Better Building Process

In essence, a manufactured home is built on an assembly line. This means the home is never exposed to the elements such as rain, sun, or snow, which can all have damaging effects to the home as it is being built. Buyers also have more control over the building process since they can request different features as the home is being built, and it is a much simpler process to make changes.

There is also more control over the process in terms of who is building the home, since it's usually only one company versus several different contractors with a traditionally built home.

Design Options

Just because a home is made in a "factory" does not mean buyers are left with less options. Many manufacturers can build a two-story home and add a wide array of features such as a front porch, back deck, or sun room. Other features like vaulted ceilings and granite counter tops are available to buyers, so it truly is a custom built experience. Flooring choices such as tile or hardwood are also available to people, and can be installed as the builder goes, or towards the end of the process as the finishing touch.

Buyer Protection

It should be noted that manufacturers of these types of homes are held to the same standards, if not higher standards, than their construction counterparts. In facts, many new builders of these types of homes have chosen to use eco-friendly green building materials. These materials are safer for the home buyer as well as for the environment. They also have a focus on energy efficiency, meaning you will not only save on the purchase price of your home but on your energy costs as well. 

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