Facing Three Common Burglary Misconceptions And Protecting Your Home

Many homeowners dismiss the importance of thorough home security in the belief that they'll never have to worry about burglary and other crimes. The truth is, while there are many misconceptions out there about which homes may be protected from or at lower risk for burglary, most everyone is at risk if they don't take the proper precautions.  If you want to be sure that your home is protected, make sure you're not falling victim to some of these common misconceptions.

"I Live in a Nice Neighborhood – It Won't Happen to Me"

This is one of the most common misconceptions when it comes to home security. While living in a nice part of town might reduce your risk of gang retaliation violence and similar issues, it doesn't reduce your risk of burglary. In fact, many burglars work in areas far from where they live in an effort to avoid being recognized. And, some burglars target the more affluent neighborhoods in the hopes of finding more possessions of value. Even living in communities that are gated won't always completely protect your home from burglary, so you should be proactive about protecting your home no matter where you're living.

"I Have a Dog – Nobody Will Break In"

Some homeowners invest in a dog thinking that the pup will provide sufficient security at a fraction of the price. The truth is, while a dog is great for companionship, the presence of a pooch in your house isn't necessarily going to deter a burglar. It may work to deter random burglary events, but not premeditated ones. If a burglar has set their sights on your home, he or she already knows that you have a dog and can plan accordingly. Professional burglars may bring something intended to distract and befriend your dog, such as a treat or a bone. Some dog breeds are simply eager to please people, and as a result, may be easily bribed by intruders. To ensure your safety, consider a full-home alarm system that automatically alerts the authorities in the event that someone breaks in.

"I Don't Have Anything Expensive – They Have No Reason to Break In"

Burglars aren't always looking for big ticket items. In fact, many expensive items are difficult to take, like large televisions and other bulky electronics. Some burglars focus more on quantity than quality, taking anything that can be liquidated to cash instead of worrying about the price tag. Some burglars actually find it easier to focus on smaller items because they are not only easier to take, but they are more difficult to track afterward.

By understanding these three misconceptions about home burglaries, you can understand the importance of protecting your home. Talk with a local locksmith today about securing your locks and installing an alarm system.

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