Furnishings That Shouldn't Be Part Of Your Decor After College

As you head into life beyond college, you may be looking for your very first solo downtown norfolk apartment. Being a full-time career person comes with a different lifestyle than that of a college student, and your living space should reflect that. You'll want to make a good impression on new friends and co-workers you might have come over to socialize. With that in mind, take note of things you shouldn't use for decor in your new place that might have been prominent in your college dorm room or apartment.

Things That Shouldn't Be Regular Furnishings

Makeshift Bookshelves

Milk crates, bricks and concrete blocks are fine for crafting bookshelves when you're broke, but now that you're starting your career, it's time to put your books on real shelves. If you don't want to spring for new ones, pick some up cheap at rummage sales. The milk crates can be used to store items in a closet or elsewhere, and the bricks and concrete blocks should be outdoors.

Lawn Furniture

Lawn and patio furniture belong just where the names imply -- not inside an apartment to use as regular furniture.

A Mattress on the Floor

It's time to get a bed frame if you don't have one. A platform is another option, but at least get that mattress off the floor so your apartment doesn't look like a bohemian crash pad.

Makeshift Window Treatments

Windows should be covered with curtains, blinds or drapes, not with sheets, towels, blankets or plastic garbage bags. Your abode will look like you're only hanging out there on a very temporary basis if you use those items to cover the windows.

Alcoholic Beverage Advertising in Main Living Areas

Beer signs, mirrors and display bottles, as well as other alcoholic beverage advertising, belong in a den or bar. If you have an area in your new place for that type of room, hang your advertising paraphernalia there instead of in the living or dining rooms.

Concluding Thoughts

By paying attention to these aspects of your decor, your place will look like it belongs to a fully employed member of society instead of a broke college student. You can still add your own personal flourishes, of course, but avoid the offbeat trappings that make it look like you can't even afford a package of Ramen noodles for dinner. Being a tad more conventional with your home furnishings will help you gain the respect of your new colleagues and other adults you meet in the future.