Custom Creations And Life Relations: Why Choose Custom Homes And Planned Neighborhoods

While becoming emotionally attached to a home during house searching is common, it is a good idea to remember that your house is a financial investment. If you want to make the best financial investment, consider a planned neighborhood with custom homes. Planned houses and neighborhoods allow you to structure the architecture of your house and the proximity of your home in a way that meets your life's needs. Houses that are custom built can also raise neighborhood home values, resulting in a constantly growing asset. Here are four ways custom built homes and planned neighborhoods raise neighborhood values.

Quality of life is increased due to amenities

A planned neighborhood is more often valued by families. Planned lots with space in between, close stores off of main roads, and neighborhood extras such as swimming pools and tennis courts all help to raise the quality of life. Neighborhoods that have custom built homes and lots are in demand in many suburban areas and towns.

Home sizes are typically static

Having the biggest, best home on the block can be a status symbol in theory, but in a block of homes of varying sizes, everyone's property values can be thrown into disarray. The home value for a McMansion in a neighborhood of small log homes is much lower than it would be in a neighborhood with similarly built custom homes. If you choose to live in a planned neighborhood with custom built homes, you will find that the values of your homes can be similar, with no one losing value as the bigger house and no one bringing down the value of others. An appraisal of your home will give you an idea on the going rate in your planned neighborhood.

Curb appeal is improved

The only thing that looks better than a custom home with quality materials is a custom home with quality materials and beautiful landscaping. When it comes to home value, curb appeal is the necessary cherry on top. The beauty of setting up a custom home is that the exterior of the home is also planned. Rather than just a small patch of grass, you are likely to have lawn space and attractive plants and flowers set in the front of the home. Building a custom home forces you to think about the entire plot, instead of just the home itself. Better curb appeal equals better dollars.

Time spent is money saved

Some people spend their lives upgrading from home to home. After they get married, have a child, or want to have pets, they may try out a different home. Moving around often does not always provide you with the time to pay off enough of the mortgage to have created an asset, instead of a financial liability. With a custom home, the house is created specifically for your needs. You can get all of the space that you need and all added luxuries and amenities. With a custom home tailored to your long term desires, you get a head start on paying off your mortgage and building up your net worth through your real estate holding. Nothing raises your home value like waiting for a better return on investment.

For more information about how much your home is worth, or how much a potential home is worth, contact a company like East Coastal Appraisal Services.