Four Questions You Should Always Ask At An Open House

If you are looking to buy a house, you might be overwhelmed with the variety of homes that are on the market and what your needs really are. There is information that you can glean to find out if a house has serious deal breakers or might help you with the offer process. When looking at open houses, here are four questions you should always ask the agent showing the home.

1. When are You Taking Offers?

Knowing how fast a real estate agent thinks a house is going to move in the current market is important. If you truly think that a house might be your dream home, you might need to rush in your offer within a few days in order for this to be considered. Sometimes decisions have to be made quickly, so know what you are up against.

2. Why are the Owners Selling?

While details on the sellers might not seem like any of your business, many times agents will be forthcoming what they know. If families are moving out of the area for a job or selling the home for a late parent, they might be more motivated to sell. If sellers are moving to a similar home after owning for just a year or two, it is a good idea to try to seek out if are any hidden flaws with the home.

3. Was this a Rental or Owner Occupied?

Traditionally, owner-occupied homes have less wear and tear and may have been better taken care of so than a home that had renter turnover for years. Traditionally, if one owner has lived in a home for years, this might need renovating, but might not have much structural damage or changes done without permits.

4. What Renovations have Been Done?

If you can ask about any work that has been done on the house, you can at least visually assess if this looks to be done properly. If parts of a home seem awkward or there are rooms or spaces that aren't part of the square footage, this can be a red flag. Your real estate agent will have access to disclosures, but any other information that you can glean at an open house can help the process.

While there is no science to falling in love with a home, it is important to go into this with open eyes. Don't get too attached to any property until you get answers to a few basic questions and get a little background on the home and sellers. Reading between the lines is important as these questions might lead to real estate agents letting you in on other details that aren't in listings. For more information, contact companies like Greenways Real Estate & Auction.