Make An Apartment Feel Like Home Without Making Any Permanent Changes To The Property

When you live in an apartment, decorating the space to feel like home rather than a space you are simply staying in temporarily can be difficult. The following guide walks you through a few great ways to give your apartment some character without permanently changing anything.

Create a Custom Backsplash

Look for removable tile at your local home improvement store. The tile will have numerous small tiles attached to a sheet that can be cut to the perfect size to suit your needs. All you will need to do is peel the paper from the back of the tile and stick it into place. The adhesive that is used on the back of the tile does not permanently bond to the wall, allowing you to remove the tile and restick it somewhere else if you want.

Make Your Mirror More Distinct

Put a few drops of craft paint into a bottle of white school glue and mix the two thoroughly. Use a washable marker to draw a design around the edges of the mirror in your bathroom and then use the colored glue to trace over the outline. When the glue dries, you will have a beautiful design on your mirror that can be peeled off when it is time to leave your apartment. You could use multiple bottles of glue to create many different colors in the design. The tip of the glue bottle allows you to make a detailed design without needing to buy any special tools to get the look you want.

Add Fabric to the Walls

If you live in an apartment where the landlord doesn't allow tenants to paint the walls, add decorative fabric to the walls to create the unique look you want. Cut out a portion of the fabric that you want to put on a wall. Spray the fabric lightly with diluted fabric softener and then push it onto the desired wall. Spread it out until it is smooth. The fabric softener makes the fabric stick to the wall without causing any damage. When it is time for you to move out of your apartment, simply spray the fabric with water and wipe down the wall with a sponge and soapy water to remove any leftover softener.

These customizations are very affordable and easy to do. You could complete them all over the course of a weekend so that you can start feeling at home as soon as possible.