3 Must-Have Files To Have On Hand While You Manage An Apartment Complex

If you have recently taken over managing an apartment complex, you may be looking for ways to make your job easier and run more efficiently. If so, you should always have the following three types of files close by.

Contact List For After Hours Maintenance Emergencies

Even if your apartment complex has a maintenance staff on site, they may not be around during the night or over holiday weekends. This does not mean that emergencies may not pop up, such as a flooded apartment because of a busted pipe or a broken furnace on the coldest night of the year.

To prepare for times when maintenance emergencies arise, keep a contact list of emergency services in your area, such as an on-call plumber or HVAC contractor. Keep the names, phone numbers and required criteria for an emergency call all on the same page for each type of service, and alphabetize them in a single file.

Protocol For Contacting The Property Owner

Although the owner of the property has entrusted you with dealing with the details of running their complex, there will be times when you need to contact them. For this information, you can speak to the property management team and make a list of what these times are. Then, write down how they are to be contacted, such as a phone call for important events or an email for a need-to-know occasion.

For example, the property owner may want to know when a maintenance emergency has occurred and an external service was called. If the entire first floor of a building flooded, they may want an immediate phone call so they can come and assess the damage themselves. However, if a minor furnace repair job was needed, an email may suffice.

One File Containing All Resident's Information

Another file to keep on hand is all of the resident's information, including names of family members, home phone numbers and cell phone numbers, as well as where they work and how to contact them there. This folder of emergency contact information may be needed if something major has happened in a particular building.

For example, if some of the residents of a building that flooded are at work, you will need to contact them immediately to let them know the situation, as well as the necessity for you or a plumber to enter their apartment. 

Keeping these must-have files on hand while managing an apartment complex can help you more easily deal with situations that could arise. If you have questions about how to effectively manage a property, you may want to ask the complex's owner or other property managers for tips and advice.