The Top Mistakes New Home Buyers Make That Can Be Avoided

It is an exciting time when you decide to buy a brand new home. You picked a new construction with a company like The Gresham Group because you get to choose all the lighting fixtures, flooring and cabinets. The idea that the house has never been lived in is appealing too. You are most likely going to make some mistakes when buying a new home that you can avoid before you sign the contract. Here are some of the biggest mistakes when buying a new home.

Not Researching Past the Show Home

The majority of new construction homes have show homes in which potential buyers can tour the models the builder is creating in that area. These show homes are beautifully decorated with the finest counters, floors and cabinets. The problem is, if you don't research past the appearance of the show home, you will most likely be disappointed to discover that everything in that house is an upgrade and not standard.

Upgrades cost the builder more from their suppliers and they will pass that cost on to you. When you are planning the design of your new home, take into consideration the cost of the upgrades and negotiate a discount off the final price if you wish to have more upgrades than standard fixtures.

Only Going by Floor Plan

In some cases, such as with condominium constructions and some new homes that have yet to have a model home, the potential buyers make the decision to buy based solely on the floor plan. This can be a mistake since many condo builders will include the balcony or outside terrace in their square footage estimate, and once the home is built, the inside is much smaller than the new buyer expected. It is always recommended to tour a show home or ask for the actual footage of the living space.

No Inspection

When people buy an existing home, they tend to have an inspection done of the property to ensure there are no major repairs or renovations that need to be made. You might not think of having an inspection done when buying a new home though, since no one has lived here yet. It is important to still have an independent inspector look through your new home. It is a good idea to also take the inspection tour with your builder to ensure the work is going as it should and especially while your home is still under warranty.