Four Ways To Optimize Photos For A Faster House Sale

Are you a homeowner looking to sell your home and move? If so, be sure that your housing ads contain lots of pictures -- good ones. Placing pictures in the ads on each listing service lets people see your home before they make a trip out to the neighborhood. However, don't take just any photo and slap it up on the listing services. Here are four ways to optimize your photos so that your house grabs people's attention and gets a buyer quickly.


Don't rely on your arms to keep that camera steady. Even a little blurriness can be off-putting to potential buyers. It implies the pictures were taken quickly and that the house might not really be in that great shape.

Take pictures using a tripod -- even a mini-tripod that you buy online will do. Find one that lets you adjust the height of the camera more than a few inches. You want to be able to take pictures from close to the ground looking up and at regular eye level.


Take lots of pictures. A picture of the outside of the house says nothing about the condition inside, and a picture of one room says nothing about the other rooms. People looking through listings want to see the yards, the hallways, the odd details framing the fireplace, and anything else you can take a picture of. The more pictures you have, the more likely it is that people will view the listing, and that means the number of people who want to view the house should increase, too.

Avoiding Fishbowls

It's tempting to use a wide-angle lens when taking photos, especially of rooms that you think are very small. The problems with that, though, are that the lenses can make the edges of the picture bulge out in a fishbowl effect (which can be annoying), and that the pictures then do not truly represent the room (which can be an absolute turnoff that makes buyers think you're inflating the house price). Use a regular lens that provides pictures that don't make the room look stretched out.

Minimal Editing

Given that most photos taken today are digital, it's tempting to do a little editing to make the pictures seem even nicer. Try to limit those. If the pictures picked up a shadow in one room that makes the wall look stained when it's not, then you can try a little editing to remove the shadow. But don't use photo editing programs to hide cracks or other major imperfections. Instead, fix those first, and then take photos of the finished room.

If you really want to make your house photos look good, turn the task over to a full-service real estate agent. He or she can take the photos or hire a professional photographer who can make your home look fantastic without resorting to photo trickery.