3 Ways To Treat Termites In Your Yard

If you have termites in your yard, then you should be worried about them killing your grass. These critters live below the ground or like to nest in wood. A mature termite colony holds from 200,000 to 2,000,000. It is a problem that you should not ignore because they quickly spread. Here are three ways to treat termites in your yard.

Remove Old Wood

Termites are drawn to wood piles, trees and other lumber products. This results in the wood becoming infested. If you have a tree infested with the critters, then you may have to cut it down. It also helps to remove all pieces of infested wood. Removing the wood prevents the termites from spreading to other parts of your yard.

Call Pest Control

A pest control company can come out and treat your property. Choosing a reputable company means they are licensed by the Department of Agriculture or another state agency responsible for regulating termite control. Technicians for the company have gone through training and has access to information to complete most problems that arise on the job.

Pest control technicians use specialized equipment like soil treatment rods, large -capacity tanks, pumps and masonry drills. They use a large quantity of a liquid pesticide for treatment. To treat the termites, the liquid pesticide is injected within foundation walls, beneath concrete slab and into the ground along the foundation.

Put Out Bait Stations

Bait stations are another way to treat termites. The termite baits are composed of a piece of cardboard, paper or some other material combined with a slow acting lethal insecticide. They are placed within a structure like a tree trump or foundation wall or buried underground.

The baits have to work slow so the termites can return to their colony. They can destroy a colony or help you get the termites under control.

The stations work by the termites digesting it and taking the bait back to the colony. The termites take the insecticide back to their colony. This results in contaminating the remaining colony of termites.

It takes special skills to completely rid a yard of termites. Termites are a big concern because they can cause a lot of damage. These critters can also destroy your landscape. They can also contaminate your shrubs and trees. Homeowners have to spend thousands of dollars treating their property and fixing the damage. If you are unsure how to proceed, then it helps to call in a professional, like Cavanaugh's Professional Termite & Pest Services.