Safety Tips For A Condo Open House

Open houses are a great way to gain interest in your property and to sell homes, but a certain level of security needs to go along with letting strangers into your house. This need for safety might even be more important if you are in a condo situation. Here are four tips to ensure that your open house in a condo environment goes safely.

1. Enlist in More Help

While traditional open houses can be effectively run by a realtor inside the home, condos have various entryways and may require more than one individual to help. The last thing you want is for your real estate agent to be running down the hall to let individuals inside with your home left unattended. If your condo is in a gated community, be sure to have someone at the front gate to let folks in. This can add an additional level of security to those who are entering your community space.

2. Take Out Valuables

If you are still living in your condo and showing it on the weekend, be sure to take any valuables with you on the day of your open house. Don't be tricked into thinking that individuals won't have an opportunity to steal items even in a smaller home. Thieves that can act fast so don't set yourself up for disappointment by leaving things in the home that are important to you.

3. Let Neighbors Know

A good thing about condo living is that this can lead to a close-knit group of neighbors. Be sure to let your nearby neighbors know that there will be an open house so that they aren't alarmed by increased traffic within your community. They can also be available to approach individuals that may be lost or alert you and your realtor of any suspicious behavior.

4. Do a Wrap-up Walkthrough

Even if your condo isn't the biggest space, it is important ensure that no one is lingering behind in the bedrooms or on the balcony at the end of the day. If you can go one step further and take a walk around your entire building or gated area, you can make sure that no one is sticking around that shouldn't be there.

While an open house in a condo situation might feel like a safer environment because of proximity to others and the size of your home, it is still a good idea to take some precautions. If you can be aware of any suspicious behaviors, you can protect your home and keep your neighbors safe in the process. Open houses shouldn't need to be avoided, but should be taken seriously when it comes to safety measures.