Why Landlords Should Perform Spring Beautification Services

If you own an apartment building, you may have a lot of tenants and apartments to deal with. Between rent collection, finding new tenants, dealing with move outs, and performing maintenance on the units requested by tenants, you may feel that your hands are full. Though you may be busy as a landlord, you should set aside time each spring in order to perform a major spring clean up on all of your properties. Hare are a few reasons why you should prioritize a spring clean up.

Get the plants and trees started

Spring is the perfect time to begin to plant flowers and prune the trees. Giving your property some curb appeal will help to increase the overall morale around the property and give the tenants more pride about where they live. Pruning the trees and trimming the bushes is also a safety issue. You want to make sure that when possible storms start happening in the spring that you will not have limbs falling and damaging property nor hurting anyone.

You clear any lingering issues

It is easy to not notice furniture being left around the garbage area or peeling paint on the outside of the buildings when you are trying to deal with a busy schedule day by day. During the spring clean up, take note of everything around the property that needs to be dealt with. Call a professional painting firm to touch up the outside of the building or give it a brand new coat altogether. Have a new dumpster brought in and take care of any furniture and appliances that have not been disposed of.

Make overhauls on the apartments

If you have ever wanted to make changes to your apartments themselves, spring is the time to do it. People are often looking to move during the summer months right before school starts and when vacation time is readily available. Plan the apartment renovations for the spring months in order to capitalize the most you can on the improvements that you make with your apartments. Be sure to give current residents ample notice and provide necessary accommodations prior to renovation work.

Discover any wear and tear

The worst time to find out that your apartment building will need a new roof is when the roof beings to cave in. During spring cleaning, have the external structures and interior of the apartments inspected. Ask for a list of any issues that are festering so that you can get a handle on these and the repair work performed sooner, rather than later.