First Time Home Buyer? 2 Reasons To Get A Home Inspection

When purchasing a home for the very first time, it can be a long and confusing process. Thankfully, there are professionals that will help you along the way in areas such as finding a home, getting your mortgage, and even doing a home inspection. The latter is very crucial to have done, especially if you are a first time homebuyer. Here are 2 reasons to get a home inspection done.

Inform You of Unexpected Maintenance Items

A big part of homeownership is performing routine maintenance, but you may be surprised at some of the things that need to be done. A home inspection will cover all the things the previous owners have neglected or properly maintained, which will key you in on the things that you'll need to do once you own the home.

For example, a home inspection can point out that the mortar between the exterior bricks needs tuck-pointing. It's the process of replacing the crumbling mortar with new mortar, and if ignored, you could have bricks that start falling off your home. The home inspector may also inform you that the home recently had a protective roof coating applied to it, which should tell you that it is something to keep an eye on once it starts to wear away.

A home inspection can also benefit you for when you eventually go to sell. It will inform you of things wrong with the house that you may not have even realized if it wasn't for the inspection.  You can stay on top of potential problems by fixing items that were concerns during an inspection, which will help allow the home look great to a future buyer.

Suggest Future Upgrades

A home inspection involves looking at things that you may not be able to see at first glance. This includes taking a detailed look at your electrical system, plumbing, foundation, and even the insulation. The home inspector may let you know if any of these aspects are in need of an upgrade after you move in.

Using insulation as an example, your home inspector could inform you that you have unusually low insulation in your attic and recommend adding more to improve the energy efficiency. The home inspector could also recommend upgrading the galvanized plumbing because it has the potential to rust from inside the pipe, even though it looks perfectly fine.

With some professional help, you can learn a lot about your new home before you finish signing the paperwork. Contact a business like EXIT Lakes Realty Premier to learn more.