Four Tips For Being A Good Townhome Neighbor

If you've previously lived in a free-standing house, it's a bit of an adjustment to move into a townhome. Suddenly, you'll find yourself living in close quarters with your neighbors and, while you'll often be able to develop friendships with these new people, it's important to ensure that your habits don't alienate you. Being a good neighbor when you live in a townhome is about more than just keeping the volume of your stereo and TV to a respectful level, especially late at night. Here are some other tips that you can use to ensure that your relationship with your new neighbor gets off on the right foot.

Leave A Note Before Any Loud Project

If renovations are on the to-do list soon after your move-in date, it's polite to leave a note in the neighbor's mailbox to inform him or her of what you're doing. Something simple and written in a friendly tone is ideal. For example, "We're going to be putting hardwood floor in two Saturdays from now, so I hope the hammering isn't a disturbance." This note shows neighborly etiquette and gives the neighbor a chance to plan to be away from the house for a few hours, if desired, on the day in question.

Be Friendly With Shared Duties

Depending on the layout of the townhomes, you might share a wide driveway or have a narrow strip of grass between your two driveways. When it comes to regular maintenance tasks, take a friendly approach. If you're shoveling your driveway, consider shoveling the neighbor's, too -- ideally, he or she will reciprocate during the next snowfall. If you're cutting the lawn between your driveways, don't just do your side; spend an extra few minutes doing the entire stretch to demonstrate goodwill.

Consider What's On The Shared Wall

Modern-day townhomes offer a high degree of soundproofing between units, but it's still beneficial to consider how you're using the shared wall between your two homes. If you have a wall-mounted TV and speakers, consider placing them on a different wall so that the noise isn't so close to the neighbor. Likewise, if you have a dart board in your games room, consider placing it on a different wall so your neighbor won't be at risk of hearing steady noises as you play.

Be A Polite Pet Owner

Even if you're living close to each other, your neighbor won't likely be keen on your dog straying off its property. Make sure to keep your furry friend on your property and try to avoid allowing it to relieve itself on your neighbor's lawn.