Defining Luxury: 3 Criteria For Deciding If A Luxury Apartment Fits Your Style

"Luxury" is a word that is commonly used in real estate listings to mean many different things. Luxury can refer to the quality of furnishings or appliances inside the apartment, the architecture and design of the apartment, the location of the apartment, the amenities the apartment complex offers, or a mixture of these things. With no standard definition of what qualifies as a luxury apartment, it can be difficult for you to narrow down your apartment search based solely on whether or not a unit is considered a luxury unit. However, the following three common aspects of luxury apartments can help you define your tastes and find an apartment that is right for you. 

Opulent Furnishings 

If your idea of a luxury apartment is a place that is easy to move into with the majority of the styling choices already made for you, then you should be looking for furnished luxury apartments. Many modern luxury apartments are unfurnished, so you can select your own furnishings that fit your personal tastes, which can be disappointing if you are looking for a lush, apartment that you can move into immediately. 

Even if you are looking for an unfurnished apartment, you should consider the quality of the appliances in the apartment. A luxury apartment should boast a washer and dryer and dishwasher or offer regular cleaning services. 

High-End Community Amenities 

Perhaps you are not as interested in the apartment itself as you are in the potential amenities a luxury complex can offer. Beyond just a pool, perhaps you are looking for a concierge, a gym, a yoga studio and a business center where you actually want to spend time. Narrow down the amenities you want so you can quickly eliminate apartments that offer communal amenities that you will not use. 

​Architecture with Status 

An apartment with unique architecture that provides stunning views with a decent amount of privacy can be considered a luxury apartment, especially if it was designed by a well-known architect. If location, design, and function are your highest priorities, you are looking for a luxury building. 

Knowing whether you are looking for a luxury apartment, luxury complex, or luxury building will help narrow down your search for the perfect apartment. It will also help you define which types of luxury you are willing to pay more for and allow you to communicate your desires to your real estate agent more clearly.