Advice For Selling Your House During Divorce

Selling a house is a huge task at the best of times; it becomes even more complex if you are selling it because you are divorcing and want to share the proceeds. Take these three essential precautions to avoid difficulties with the task:

Present a United Front

You may be going through an adversarial divorce, but you need to present a united front to your potential buyers. Arguing about the house or its sale is can easily scare away potential buyers. For example, a buyer who thinks one of you doesn't want to sell the house may pull out of the purchase for fear that the dissenting spouse may go to court to stop the process. Ideally, you should choose one of you to act for both of you when dealing with the agent or buyers. That way, you can avoid potential conflicts and also make it easy for the agent to help you.

Treat It as a Commodity

Your house is a commodity, and you should treat it as such during the sale. This may be difficult to do if you have lived in the house for a long time, and you have some cherished memories of it. It might also be difficult to detach your emotions from the sale of the house if you wanted to keep it after the divorce, but the circumstances have forced you to sell it.

In practical terms, this means making changes to your house to appeal to potential buyers, even if you don't agree with the changes. For example, it means getting rid of your kids' playthings in the yard if that would improve the curb appeal. It may also mean going back to the house to spruce it up, even if you had moved out and swore never to go back.

Get an Agent

Selling a house without an agent is difficult at the best of times, and it is even more complicated if you are dealing with your divorce too. Therefore, get a real estate agent to help you with the sale of the house. The agent can help you set the selling price, screen potential buyers, and handle the associated paperwork. It is also a good way of avoiding potential conflicts that may flare up between you and your spouse during the sale.

Hopefully, these three precautions will help you sell the house at the best price in the shortest period possible, which is what most people in your position wish for.