Keep Out: 3 Tips For Rodent-Proofing Your RV This Winter

Summer is almost over. Time to close your RV up and prepare it for winter storage. If you store your RV in your yard, you have to plan for rodent control. When the temperatures take a dip, rodents try to find a warm place to build their nests. Unfortunately, that can end up being your RV. Don't panic. With some advanced planning, you can protect your RV against rodent damage this winter. Here are three simple steps you can take to rodent-proof your RV.

Clean Out the Food

When rodents are looking for a place to nest over the winter, they're going to look for someplace that offers them easy access to food. Before you close your RV for the winter, you'll need to clean out the food. This includes all the packages of food, as well as any crumbs that might be left behind. Take a broom to the entire RV and then go over it again with a vacuum. This will ensure that all the crumbs are gone, including the smallest particles that might be left behind. You'll also need to clean the cabinets and behind the refrigerator.

Bring Out the Moth Balls

Once you've removed all the food from your RV and cleaned up all the crumbs, you'll want to add some natural repellent. Rodents are repelled by the scent of moth balls. Before you close up your RV for the winter, fill several bowls with moth balls and place them in the cabinets. The scent will help keep the rodents away throughout the winter.

Close Off the Access Points

You might think that closing the doors and windows will keep the rodents away. Unfortunately, that's not necessarily true. Studies show that mice can crawl through cracks the size of a dime, while rats can crawl through one that's the size of a quarter. That means those small spaces around the firewall and the water pipes can be the perfect place for rats and mice to crawl through.

Before you close up your RV for the winter, make sure you seal off all the access points. Spray foam insulation is the perfect way to seal up those spaces. Apply a small amount of insulation around cracks in the firewall and spaces around the water pipes. The foam will expand and harden as it dries, which will seal off the access point and prevent rodents from gaining access to your RV.

If you've got an RV that you'll be closing up this winter, be sure you protect it against rodent infestation. For other helpful tips on how to keep pests out of your RV, be sure to speak to a home exterminator like Garrie Pest Control.