Finding A Dedicated Real Estate Agent To Sell Your Home

If you are interested in selling your home, you have the choice of doing the process on your own or hiring a real estate agent to handle the details in your behalf. Many opt to have a professional work in selling their home as they will handle legalities as well as take the time to advertise in an attempt to gain attention needed from others effectively. Here are some tips you can use to ensure the real estate agent you select will provide the best possible service so you obtain the asking price you want.

Check Out Prior Sales To Determine Dedication

When you have an initial appointment with a prospective agent to work for you, it is best to ask them about other properties they have sold in your area. Ask them for a detailed list of each home they have sold as well as the asking prices and final selling prices. These can be compared to see if the agent was adept at getting top dollar for the homes other clients had on the market. If the agent does not have an extensive history of prior sales, move on to another service so you can be assured they have the experience necessary in the field.

Drive By Other Properties For Sale By The Agent

Check the real estate agent's webpage to see other homes for sale in your area and hit the road to check out them out in person. Make sure each one has a visible real estate sign in front of the property as well as a phone number where the agent can be reached. If this is not present, the real estate agent is not providing enough advertising to get attention from those passing by the homes they are trying to sell. Make sure the exterior of the home appears pleasing to the eye and that the lawn is being maintained. While this is the job of the seller, the real estate agent will often persuade the owner to do exterior work to help boost the chance of a sale.

Request Sample Listings To Evaluate Wording And Photographs

Ask the real estate agent to provide you with some sample listings so you can start figuring out how you would like to word your own. If there are misspellings present or inaccuracies in the listings compared to what you had seen when viewing the homes in person, the real estate agent is not doing a good enough job in proofreading the material being provided to the public. Check that photographs are crisp and clear so those viewing them will have a true projection of the property being sold as well.