Ways That Your Real Estate Agent Shines During An Open House

When you list your own home for sale, you might not wish to go through the time-consuming process of holding open houses weekend after weekend. However, when you hire a real estate agent to manage your listing for you, your interest in open houses should likely go up. Open houses are about more than just curious onlookers walking through your home and seeing what it looks like inside. Your agent will play a pivotal role in speaking to each of the prospective buyers who enters the house and can use these events to help you sell your home quickly and for your desired asking price. Here are some ways in which your agent provides value during open houses.

Points Out The Desirable Features

You can count on your real estate agent being an advocate for your home. When people walk through the doors of the open house, your agent will ask about their needs and briefly discuss your home. He or she will make a point of focusing on the desirable features and strengths of your home, especially those that may be subtle or could be missed by a buyer. The agent will also address any questions that prospective buyers may have so that no one leaves the open house feeling uninformed.

Gets Feedback From Agents And Shoppers

Because your agent is present for the open house, he or she will be able to get feedback from those who attend. Your agent might specifically ask for feedback from buyer agents and shoppers, while also keeping an ear open for any comments attendees might discuss between themselves. The agent will then consider this information and discuss it with you. For example, if someone says that it would be nice if your appliances were to be included because they're new and in good shape, your agent may advocate making this change to your listing.

Considers Whether An Agent-Only Open House Would Be Better

Open houses often attract a combination of interested shoppers and curious individuals who have no interest in buying. The latter demographic can waste your agent's time and prompt him or her to suggest a change. For example, if the agent assesses that many people who attend the event are simply curious about seeing your home — perhaps because it has a notable feature — the agent may advocate holding agent-only open houses. In these events, only serious agents will be in attendance.