When You Can Feel Okay About Negotiating Your Real-Estate Agent's Commission

When you sell your home, you'll pay a percentage of the sale price to your agent as a commission. Don't grumble about doing so—your agent definitely earns this money by marketing your house, showing it during open houses, answering all your questions along the way, and much more. You'll find that some real-estate agents do not wish to negotiate their commission while others are open to this type of talk. You shouldn't simply negotiate the commission percentage because you'd rather take the money yourself, but there are some times when it's legitimately appropriate to negotiate. Here are some examples.

All Signs Point to the House Selling Quickly

It can be acceptable to discuss negotiating your real-estate agent's commission when it's clear that your home will sell quickly. In many cases, a home in top-notch condition in a highly desired area will sell within a matter of days of hitting the market. You may close the deal with someone who submits an offer less than a day after the property is listed, for example. If you're pretty sure that the house will sell quickly, bring up the idea of negotiating the commission. Ideally, the agent will be willing to negotiate because he or she knows that with a fast-selling listing, his or her time investment will be minimal.

You're Taking Care of Costly Tasks

When you pay your real-estate agent a commission, part of the money goes toward paying for the services that the agent takes care of. These can include paying a professional photographer to photograph the property, for example. However, if you're a skilled photographer and feel comfortable doing this work yourself, you may wish to negotiate the agent's commission. This is fair in this situation, given that the agent won't be spending as much to prepare your listing.

You've Gathered Some Interested Buyers

Real-estate agents spend a lot of money marketing their listings—but if you're bringing one or more prospective buyers to the equation, marketing may not be necessary. For example, if you tell your colleagues at work that you're about to list your home and someone expresses interest in buying it, you can have this person's agent get in touch with your agent right away. Your actions in this scenario will save your agent the time and expense of marketing your property to the masses, and therefore your agent may be willing to accept a reduced commission.