Concerned About Electric Heat in Your Home? Here's Why You Shouldn't Be

When you're interested in homes for sale and visit it with your real estate agent to see if it's the right one for you, one of the items on your long list of things to check is how the house is heated. If you learn that it relies on electric baseboards for heat, you may initially feel concerned that this heating method is outdated and will cost you a lot of money in utilities bills each month, especially with the fact that electricity costs are often on the rise.

However, it's important to know that electric heat has many benefits to keep in mind, including the following points.

Today's Baseboard Heaters Have High Efficiency

When many people think about baseboard heaters, they think of devices that are inefficient and that will cost a lot of money to run. Fortunately, many homes for sale that you encounter today that are heated with electric baseboards have newer versions. Modern electric baseboards are highly efficient, meaning that heating your home in this manner may not be as expensive as you think. Furthermore, if you're thinking about buying a home that has older electric baseboards, you can easily replace them with newer, high-efficiency models upon moving in.

The Delivery Isn't Complicated

Electric heat is one of the simplest ways to heat your home. When you heat a home through methods such as oil, for example, you're always wondering in the back of your head how much oil you have left in your tank. Many homeowners will arrange regular deliveries from their oil supplier; for example, the oil truck may come to fill your tank on the first day of each month. However, if the previous month was excessively cold and you used more oil than you normally do, you may be concerned that you'll run out before the truck arrives. When a house is heated with electricity, you never have this type of concern.

You May Feel Safer

Electric heat is a safe form of heat. With a natural gas furnace, for example, you may always be a little worried that the furnace could leak, filling your home with natural gas, and leading to an explosion or fire. While this risk may be low, it might be something that enters your mind when you browse houses for sale that have natural gas furnaces. Fortunately, this risk won't be relevant if you buy a home that is heated with electric baseboards.