Movement-Related Factors To Keep In Mind When Having A Custom Home Built

When you buy a home that seems to work well for you, you may eventually find yourself thinking "If only things were laid out in this manner." One way to avoid having to repeat this message is to have a custom home built — doing so gives you the final say over how you want the house's layout to look, which can help you to avoid the eventual inconveniences that can occur over time. As you work on the design of the house with your custom builder, think about how you imagine moving around. Assessing this topic will allow you to come up with a series of ideas that the builder can include. Here are some suggestions:

Access To Outside For Cooking

If you're the type of person who enjoys cooking outside, you'll want to think about where you'll be setting up your barbecue, smoker, pizza oven, or fire pit. Think too about the route that you'll take from the kitchen to this area — and then consider how you'll make this trip easier. For example, you might not want to repeatedly carry platters of food from the kitchen, through the living room, and out a back door to the patio. Instead, think about designing your house such that the patio is adjacent to the kitchen and there's a door that leads from one to the other.

Clearance Around Furniture

As your builder shows you floor plans, try to imagine what each room will look like with your furniture in it. The builder should even be able to input furniture measurements into the design to give you a better idea of the available space. A room will commonly feel smaller when it's full of your furniture, and you don't want to have to turn sideways to move between the end of the dining room table and the wall, for example, all because you didn't plan on having the dining room large enough to accommodate your regular movements.

Proximity Between Commonly Used Rooms

Often, rooms in your home will share a close relationship. For example, it's common for the dining room to be adjacent to the kitchen so that you can set the table and clear it away without having to walk too far. Think about other room-to-room relationships. You might want your home office far away from the living room so that you'll have quiet in the former. Or, you might want the bathroom close to the home theater room so that people can easily run for a bathroom break when you're watching a movie.

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