5 Surprising Ways That Security Cameras Can Boost Retail Profits

For retail establishments, the battle between the need to protect the business from a variety of threats and the need to appear welcoming and open is a constant struggle. Due to this, you may be hesitant to increase security through the use of visible (or more surreptitious) cameras. But video cameras are much more important to your bottom line than you may think. And they even add to a good customer experience. 

How? Here are five ways cameras benefit any retail store.

1. Monitor for Theft and Embezzlement. Shoplifting is a real concern for nearly any retail business. You can't have employees everywhere at all times. This is where cameras can step in and provide added coverage for the store. And while cameras are generally deployed to protect the store, it also means that employees are freed up to help legitimate customers and provide value to the business.

2. Discourage Vandalism. If you have any problem with loitering, tagging, broken exterior elements, or other forms of vandalism, something as simple as a security camera can help. Most acts of vandalism are crimes of opportunity. If you take away the opportunity by making it clear that they are being watched, many vandals will find somewhere else to get into trouble.

3. Analyze Customer Patterns. Small businesses can't often afford to hire fancy marketing companies or do deep dive data analysis on their customers' behavior. But you can do some of your own research through video monitoring. You could find out how customers flow through your store, where they stop and why, what help they need, and when they linger. Then, turn that information into useful changes to your store to increase traffic and sales.  

4. Improve Investigations. Have you ever been subjected to the 'he said/she said' argument between employees or even between staff and customers? Quick and positive resolution of conflicts is good for business and employee morale. And a camera can provide the evidence needed to determine what actually happened and put it all behind you. It's helpful when accidents occur, when someone is wrongly accused, and when there may be a hint of wrongdoing by any employee.

5. Increase Productivity. The mere act of being observed changes many people's behavior. So, the presence of cameras for legitimate business reasons has the side effect of encouraging staff to stay focused on their work. You not only can identify ways that employees could be more productive, but you also can easily identify (and reward) employees who go above and beyond. 

Which of these profitable benefits of a simple security camera could help your business the most? No matter what problem you need to address, meet with security companies to find the best way to resolve it using cost-effective, modern video camera systems.