Do You Own A Vacation Guest Home?

If you own a vacation guest home, you are more than likely using it as a money maker, aren't you? And, to make more money, obviously you want to attract customers. When you do get customers who stay at your guest home, then you want them to return as often as they visit your town or city.

With increasing customer stays, do you already have a plan in mind? If you do, then you're all set and you don't need to continue reading. On the other hand, perhaps you are looking for ideas that will bring your guests back to your vacation house. From placing a questionnaire in the house to offering great incentives, here are some ideas that might help you.

​A Creative Questionnaire - The questions included in the questionnaire might not be that creative, but the way it is designed will catch the eye of your guest more if it has a unique design.For example, the questionnaire could say words like Be Our Guest or Put Our Service To The Test from the Beauty and the Beast song. Luminiere and other characters from that delightful movie could also be part of the design of the questionnaire. Or, you could feature the likeness of a very formal butler on the card, along with words like, At Your Service next to the butler.

Questions might be as simple as, What Did You Enjoy Most During Your Stay? or, What Did You Find Lacking During Your Stay? Other questions might ask, What Would Entice You To Return To Our Vacation Home? You might also add the question, ​Will You Be Willing To Recommend Us To Your Friends And Family Members?

Leave a pen next to the questionnaire that has the name of your accommodations on it. Hopefully your guests will take the pen with them and it will serve as a reminder of their stay.

Offer Return Incentives - Obviously, you'll want the accommodations to be extremely attractive and spotlessly clean. However, there's more that you can do to make your guests want to return.

For example, leave a generous gift basket on the entry table or even on the bed in the master bedroom. The basket might include things like fruit and decadent chocolates. However, even more impressive might be the gift of free tickets to local attractions or a complimentary meal at one of your town's best restaurants.

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