Shopping For A Horse Farm? Don't Forget To Check For These Things

Shopping for a horse farm can be so exciting. You can't wait to have your horses on your own property so you can wake up and care for them yourself each morning and come home to them every day. Of course, you want to pay attention to the number of stalls on the property, the strength of the fencing, and the space available for an arena, if there is not one built already. However, there are also some other, often-forgotten qualities you should look for in the place.

1. Room for Adequate Hay Storage

The old owners could have hauled in their hay one truckload at a time, or they may have only had a couple of horses, meaning they did not have to store that much hay. Make sure the place has enough space for your hay storage needs. If you also haul in your hay a little at a time, an extra stall or two might be sufficient. But if you prefer to get 1,000 bales of hay in June so it lasts all year, you'll need a place with a bigger hayloft.

2. Room for Trailers to Turn Around

Look closely at the driveway and parking areas. Is there room for a horse trailer to turn around? Even if you have a small two-horse trailer, you should be wary of buying a place with a tight driveway since that will mean you'll always struggle to bring a larger four-horse trailer in there. You could expand a driveway, but that is a cost you'll need to account for when making your offer on the place.

3. Safe Pastures

Do not just focus on the fencing when looking at the pastures. Make sure they are otherwise safe, too. If the pasture has maple trees in it, for instance, that could prove a hazard in the fall since dried maple leaves are poisonous to horses. If there are a lot of sharp rocks, that could also be a hazard. Most of these problems are fixable, but that still requires money and time you need to spend.

4. Good Location

Horse farms can be niche, so you may have to move a bit further out than you would like to in order to buy one. However, you do want to keep location in mind. Is the barn so much further from the places that you regularly show and trail ride that you might need to find new places to show? Will your current vet and farrier go to the location, or will you need to find new ones?

Shopping for a horse farm can be a lot of fun, and if you look for the qualities above, you should find one that meets your needs. For more information on horse farms for sale, contact a real estate agent in your area.