Benefits Of Multistory Homes

If you are in the market for a new home, you should give some thought to multistory properties. Although multistory properties tend to be expensive than single-story properties, the former has numerous advantages. Below are some reasons to consider a multistory home.

Big Yard

For two houses with the same square footage that are sitting on equal lots, the multistory home will have a bigger yard space than the single-story home. Multistory homes occupy more vertical instead of horizontal space. You can use the extra space for things like gardening, enjoying your hobbies, or even installing detached storage spaces. This can be a huge deal in areas with relatively smaller lot sizes.


For a home with beautiful surroundings, the multistory home is likely to have better views than the single-story home. This is because ground views are usually blocked by nearby structures (such as other buildings) and trees. In the multistory home, you can enjoy the surrounding scenery (e.g., greenery, water bodies, hillsides, parks), particularly from your upper-level rooms.


You will also love a multistory home if you value your privacy. With your rooms on different floors, you can dedicate the upper-level rooms exclusively for your personal use. It is easy to restrict your guests to rooms downstairs and enjoy the upstairs rooms exclusively when you have company. This can be a huge deal if you live with other people or have frequent guests. 

Design Possibilities

Lastly, the floor configuration of a multistory home provides you with more design opportunities than is possible with single-story homes. For example, you can add a luxurious foyer, private balcony, or even a deck on the top level. All of this would be difficult to accomplish in a single-level home.


Breaking into an upper-level room is relatively difficult than breaking into a ground-level room. Say you forget to close a ground-level window and your neighbor forgets to close their second-floor window. A burglar would find it easier to break into your house rather than climb into your neighbor's upper-level rooms.

Both multistory and single-story pros have their pros and cons, but multistory homes shine in the above areas. Whichever home you decide to invest in, however, ensure you handle the purchase right by working with an experienced real estate agent.

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