Suspect A Home Rat Infestation? 2 Diseases These Rodents Can Transmit To Humans

Whether you have seen a rat or two scurry around your home or you have noticed rat droppings or urine, it is important to realize that rats aren't just a nuisance that can destroy your home, but their presence can also take a toll on your family's health. Rats carry numerous diseases, and if you don't have the rats removed from your home and clean up their feces and urine quickly after finding it, they can spread a disease to one of your family members. [Read More]

Keep Out: 3 Tips For Rodent-Proofing Your RV This Winter

Summer is almost over. Time to close your RV up and prepare it for winter storage. If you store your RV in your yard, you have to plan for rodent control. When the temperatures take a dip, rodents try to find a warm place to build their nests. Unfortunately, that can end up being your RV. Don't panic. With some advanced planning, you can protect your RV against rodent damage this winter. [Read More]

Commercial Locksmiths, Legal Issues, And You: Comforting Information To Alleviate Your Anxieties And Concerns

Locksmiths are very good at what they do. They install and repair locks of all kinds. They help you get back into your car or house when you lock yourself out. Nevertheless, have you ever wondered what keeps a locksmith from becoming a cat burglar? They certainly have the skills to get into a locked area when they want, so what stops them? Obviously, the potential for being caught and being arrested is one reason why, but it is more than just that. [Read More]

3 Items That Are Ideal To Store In Your Safe

Many people choose to purchase a safe to protect their precious things. A safe is an ideal way to not only protect your things from theft, but from damage in a house fire, an earthquake, and much more. This is why there are so many safes in American households. However, if you own a safe you might be wondering what kinds of things you should put in the safe. Here are some of the common items you should put in your safe. [Read More]