The Perks of Buying a Home from a Multi-State Real-Estate Agency

Buying a home in your own state is an exciting prospect, but it is often fraught with difficulty because the search for just the right home can sometimes go on for a while. Taking that into consideration, you should know that there are some real-estate agencies that have numerous branches in several states. If you are open to buying a home from one of these multi-state real-estate agencies, then you may have stumbled on a home buyer's dream. [Read More]

When You Can Feel Okay About Negotiating Your Real-Estate Agent's Commission

When you sell your home, you'll pay a percentage of the sale price to your agent as a commission. Don't grumble about doing so—your agent definitely earns this money by marketing your house, showing it during open houses, answering all your questions along the way, and much more. You'll find that some real-estate agents do not wish to negotiate their commission while others are open to this type of talk. You shouldn't simply negotiate the commission percentage because you'd rather take the money yourself, but there are some times when it's legitimately appropriate to negotiate. [Read More]

Ways That Your Real Estate Agent Shines During An Open House

When you list your own home for sale, you might not wish to go through the time-consuming process of holding open houses weekend after weekend. However, when you hire a real estate agent to manage your listing for you, your interest in open houses should likely go up. Open houses are about more than just curious onlookers walking through your home and seeing what it looks like inside. Your agent will play a pivotal role in speaking to each of the prospective buyers who enters the house and can use these events to help you sell your home quickly and for your desired asking price. [Read More]

Four Mistakes That Potential Homeowners Make When Purchasing A Home

When you are searching for a property that meets your needs, it is easy to let your heart get the best of you once you find a home that you love. However, it is essential to stay grounded during the home buying process. A single mistake can turn that dream home into a nightmare. 1. Not Looking at Your Budget Most potential home buyers know that they need to get pre-qualified for a mortgage before they start searching for homes so that they know how much they can borrow. [Read More]