3 Tips To Get Started Homesteading

If you dream of a simpler kind of life, you may have considered homesteading. Homesteading is the practice of living off the land as much as possible, using agricultural and animal husbandry practices. This type of lifestyle often appeals to people with a do-it-yourself ethos. If you think homesteading would be a good fit for you, here are three tips you can use to get started: 1. Do your research. [Read More]

Shopping For A Horse Farm? Don't Forget To Check For These Things

Shopping for a horse farm can be so exciting. You can't wait to have your horses on your own property so you can wake up and care for them yourself each morning and come home to them every day. Of course, you want to pay attention to the number of stalls on the property, the strength of the fencing, and the space available for an arena, if there is not one built already. [Read More]

Do You Own A Vacation Guest Home?

If you own a vacation guest home, you are more than likely using it as a money maker, aren't you? And, to make more money, obviously you want to attract customers. When you do get customers who stay at your guest home, then you want them to return as often as they visit your town or city. With increasing customer stays, do you already have a plan in mind? If you do, then you're all set and you don't need to continue reading. [Read More]

5 Surprising Ways That Security Cameras Can Boost Retail Profits

For retail establishments, the battle between the need to protect the business from a variety of threats and the need to appear welcoming and open is a constant struggle. Due to this, you may be hesitant to increase security through the use of visible (or more surreptitious) cameras. But video cameras are much more important to your bottom line than you may think. And they even add to a good customer experience. [Read More]